Sunday, September 12, 2010


Long time....

Well, we have been busy with moving, working and spending all of our time at the pool. Clare and Paul are the best little swimmers you have ever seen, and it makes me so proud to watch how brave they are in the water.

Josh has been BUSY working and after less than two months, he was promoted to Manage his own store! Thank you Lord! Josh loves the job, loves the pace, and we are appreciating the salary.

Clare has been busy with all her little baby dolls and teaching Paul various things (reading, changing clothes etc...) Clare is a busy girl and keeps us constantly in check throughout our day. She HEARS everything and SEES we have really enjoyed our time with her lately and just love to see her continue to develop into her own little person. She calls me "Hunny" by the way, I wish I could upload a video of the way she talks, it melts my heart all day long.

Paul is a SPAZ and runs, jumps, rolls, climbs and falls allll over the place ALL day long. He repeats everything and has a lot more to say then Clare did at this age. He is such a joy in our life.

We found out that we are expecting a BOY December 22nd and the doctor expects him to be bigger than Paul (he didnt exactly explain why though...) We have decided to name him Johnathan Michael! We are so excited for this Christmas.

Please keep us in your prayers.

The Hinkle's