Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Eve

Paul is our little Pumpkin, he very enthusiatically yells PUMPKIN every time he sees himself!

Throwing leaves in the air but he missed the part about picking up a pile of leaves first

I really just look exhausted, and Josh is definitely wearing Clare's lady bug headband.

Seriously, Clare grabbed this mask off the shelf and begged us to buy it, she literally said "I need this to scare my Grammy"

Paul is saying "Hey"

Being a lady bug wears Clare out...she slept great that night.



Thursday, October 28, 2010

Milestone Skype Sesh

We had a brief skype session sesh with this Beautiful Aunt and Paul who is usually a very quiet skyper, said all sorts of things, including a NEW word! *Joshasha!* This truly is a milestone for any tot because Josiah is not an easy name to pronounce, for example, Josiah is frequently called Joshua by even the closest of relatives ;) and Clare for a long time said "Caw"...we still really can't figure out where she got that and why she always said it. I think Paul learning to say Josiah has been my proudest moment of word learning for him yet! Plus the fact that he said it straight to Josiah over skype multiple times was about the sweetest thing she could have asked for!
Another random funny convo with Clare:
Clare and Paul were sharing some gummy bears and when I put out a little handful for Paul, Clare sweetly leaned over and said "I think I will just share some of Paul's gummy bears, I will only have my favorite colors...*pause* weird, all of these are my favorite colors!"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Josh has never carved pumpkins before so tonight we carved a little pumpkin with Clare, tomorrow we are going to work on a bigger one with a Cat on the front (Clare's request). Josh also has never had egg nog, so tonight he tried it and LOVED it of course...Clare was a fan as well and I always make myself sick drinking to much of it so it was a good time had by all the Hinkleclan.

Gotta blog about it so I don't forget!

I have to put a couple things down that I do NOT want to forget about my children.

Conversation between Clare and I about her Aunt Josiah, (at 11pm at night)

Clare: Where is Aunt Josiah, why isn't she with Grammy and Pwampa anymore?
Me: Aunt Josiah is in school now, she is learning to be a Chiropractor!
Clare: OH! Like Doctor Hanson?!
Me: Yeah! Just like Doctor Hanson!
Clare: *long pause* Mom, my Aunt Josiah is kind of a big deal.
Me: Yes *silent laugh*

Clare and Paul are both obsessed with this song. When I say obsessed that really doesnt touch on the subject. Paul literally will scream "JESUS" the second he hears we are leaving...yes, he starts screaming BEFORE we even walk out the door for a song he will hear when he is in the car. Once in the car, we have to start the song immediately for him otherwise a tantrum could happen. Listen to the first few seconds of the song as this is what we hear from our kids...
Who do you belong to? Clare: JESUS! Paul: DEEDUS! Who? Clare: JESUS! Paul: DEEEEDDUS! Well its about time you told two three four... Clare: One, Two, Three, Four...Jesus! Bible! Whoo hoo. Paul: Two Two Two DEDUS! I Dong dong Dedus! (I belong to Jesus).
Needless to say, Josh and I are getting a little sick of this song but Clare and Paul LOVE it. They sing the above beginning part back and forth to each other from their beds at night.

Paul is talking so much and is still obsessed with Airplanes and Pumpkins. Everything he says he has a cute little enthusiastic tone and when we repeat it back to him he will say "YAHH!"

When Paul wants to be held he will say "Hold me" which is funny because Clare still says "Hold you" when she wants to be held.

Paul also identifies family members quite well, he calls me Mommy or Hunny and Josh, Daddy. He calls Anna "Neeanna" and Grammy "Grammy" and Grampa "DayDah" he calls Clare "Care".

Paul sleeps with a giraffe named "gaffy" and one of Clare's babies named "China baby" and a frog stuffed animal that Great Aunt Stephanie bought him named "Goggy" and he sleeps with a wonderful blanket.
Clare still sleeps with "Puppy" and about a million dolls or babies. She also sleeps with her Paci which I am not even researching when to take that away because she loves it in bed and I have already tried to take it away once, but she found one she had lost about 2 weeks later and it messed the whole operation Clare still takes a paci but only in her bed (mostly).

Clare is VERY involved with everything I do during the day, folding clothes, sweeping, vacuuming is a favorite, and if I am in the kitchen, Clare is in there in a SECOND with her purple stool "helping me" which has taught me even more patience because when you have a 2 year old following you around all day "helping" it actually makes everything take 3 times longer! Bless her little heart.

Clare HATES her hair being brushed so much that she will scream at the top of her lungs through the whole process. She also hates it being washed. I am considering cutting it, but I really love her curls. Her hair is really long, even though it doesnt look like it with all her ringlets.

Clare crawls into bed with Josh and I almost every night between 3 and 4 AM and takes over the bed, but it is kinda cute to hear her tell Josh to stop snoring or move over...she is pretty assertive (just like me).

Paul more recently has been waking up at night, and we have been pulling him into bed with us as well, which has been so sweet because he lays SO still, like he is afraid if he moves we will put him back to bed. He sings all his little songs he knows and points at our fan and says "Oh, Fwan" about a million times.

Clare is OBSESSED with hands and feet (yeah kinda weird) she acts like they are little puppies or something, so right now, while I am typing she keeps grabbing my pinky and talking to it...a little weird.

We can't wait for baby J to get here and Clare and Paul play with the baby clothes all the time. My friend Kelsee very generously bought Baby J a bunch of new outfits for his first year of life and they are so sweet. Josh and I have really been blessed with all the hand me downs and new clothes various people have given us.

Ahh that is all I can think of for them right now and they are both crawling all over me so I need to get off the computer and get going. We are carving pumpkins tonight with Daddy and this afternoon I will be working with Clare on riding her bike during Paul's nap.

This post really was more for me to remember later on and to show them when they are older...I use this blog instead of a baby album :/ Going to be a good day, Clare and Paul have just gotten over their little colds (Vit D3 and Dr. Hanson are my best friend when my kids are sick).

Keep up with the blog for NEW fall pics that we took at the pumpkin patch....oooohhh which reminds me of another funny thing Clare said...

We walked into the corn maze and Clare said "Well, lets go find us some tigers in this big corn field", we looked but only heard them here and there...didnt actually get to see the tigers...much to Clare's disapointment. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hinkle fall 2010

Lots happening for our family recently!
Josh has been working so hard at Braums and his hard work has been noticed by corporate! Josh closed the store he managed in Del City and after only being a Manager for a month, corporate has asked him to train a new manager at a really high volume store. We really are encouraged by this company and how they treat their employees. I am so proud of him.

Clare is getting SO tall, she is way to tall for 2t and 3t which is kinda annoying, because we have yet to find jeans that fit her and I am a jeans girl myself so for Clare I have bought her mostly leggings and skirts and dresses which sometimes are a little short :/ So for Christmas- please relatives, you might steer clear from buying her clothes... :) Clare sings allllll the time and not kid songs at all, although she does memorize all the words to our Kids worship CD her preferred music of choice is Dennis Jernigan specifically "I belong to Jesus", she knows every word and sings very enthusiastically to this song especially. She also tends to throw in a couple "JESUS!" shouts in between and "whoo hoos". Pretty sure she picked this up from Grammy Jan and Pwampa. Clare is of course still extremely stubborn and Josh and I spend a lot of time praying and talking about the best way to handle her, she literally will not be comforted when she is in trouble, been hurt or is scared. We are kinda thinking that perhaps our *Cry it out* method we used when she was younger might be the reason for this, so we are regretting the decision to ever let her cry it out and will continue more *Attachement Parenting* methods with Paul and this next baby. We shall see. It hurts our hearts to watch her cry for any reason and not let us pick her up. We just arent the parents to ignore this behavior...prayers requested for this particular area in our life. On the other side of things, Clare can say the absolute cutest things and I really spend a lot of the day laughing because she takes after me so much with what she says and how she says it. "Seriously" and "Oh my word". Clare is definitely our beautiful girl from heaven and we enjoy her every day so much!

Paul is now 18 months old and has so much personality. He repeats everything we ask him to and is definitely talking, he tells us when he has gone potty, when he is hungry and what he wants to eat, he points at everything and lists off what it is and what color it is. He is obsessed with airplanes, helicopters and pumpkins. He is so coordinated and jumps off of everything and loves to dance. More recently we have noticed him singing a long with "I belong to Jesus". We have moved around the carseats in the car in preparation for baby in December. Clare is sitting in the middle seat with the baby carseat and Paul is in the way back which makes me a little nervous but I also dont trust him right next to the baby. He seems to enjoy the view from the back seat. Paul is a momma's boy and does not like it when I have to leave ever which is pretty sad, he isnt clingy, he just doesnt like it when I leave him. He also is pretty sad to see Josh go to work everyday (6 days per week) Paul runs around frantically trying to get his boots on and yelling "Bye Bye, I GOOO I GO!" this routine happens every day, Paul gets his boots on and is ready to go about 10 minutes after Josh has already left. Pretty sad. Paul is also very tall but a bit easier to buy for, he is in 24 month sizes currently. He loves his jeans and tshirts. He wasnt a fan of the TUX I made him wear for pics last week.

Me and baby! I am good, just awkward feeling and tired. I get a bit stir crazy with Josh's schedule, but that seems to be smoothing out a bit. I have gained FAR to much weight with this pregnancy and I am so grateful I am tall because I think I hold it pretty well and still am mostly belly. The gym has been hard to get to with Josh's schedule, but we have really made it a priority for me to get to the gym and that help tremendously with my attitude towards EVERYTHING. Baby is kicking away and his heartbeat stays consistantly at 160 (right about where Paul's was) We are so excited to see this guy in December. Josh of course is hoping for a black haired, brown eyed baby and I am hoping for a blonde haired, blue eyed baby. I am guessing the baby will look JUST like Clare and Paul. The doc thinks he will be pretty big and I have consistantly measured the same way I did for both Paul and Clare (3 to 4 weeks ahead). Depending on our finances and how much we have saved and paid in debt, we are considering a home birth or a birth at a birthing center. Big leaps for us :)

Anyways, I hardly ever write that much, but I am bored today and just hanging outside with Clare enjoying the weather. I need to go thaw out some meat for dinner. Enjoy the below pics of the kids at the pumpkin patch taken by our dear friend Jonathan Decker. More to come next week!