Thursday, October 28, 2010

Milestone Skype Sesh

We had a brief skype session sesh with this Beautiful Aunt and Paul who is usually a very quiet skyper, said all sorts of things, including a NEW word! *Joshasha!* This truly is a milestone for any tot because Josiah is not an easy name to pronounce, for example, Josiah is frequently called Joshua by even the closest of relatives ;) and Clare for a long time said "Caw"...we still really can't figure out where she got that and why she always said it. I think Paul learning to say Josiah has been my proudest moment of word learning for him yet! Plus the fact that he said it straight to Josiah over skype multiple times was about the sweetest thing she could have asked for!
Another random funny convo with Clare:
Clare and Paul were sharing some gummy bears and when I put out a little handful for Paul, Clare sweetly leaned over and said "I think I will just share some of Paul's gummy bears, I will only have my favorite colors...*pause* weird, all of these are my favorite colors!"

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