Friday, February 25, 2011

Nevan and Clare WBC

Took Nevan in for his 2 month WBC and Clare's 3 year old check up yesterday.

Nevan is in the 98th Percentile for height and 95th for Weight. He weighs 16 pounds and looks healthy healthy. Nevan is now laughing and smiling ALL the time, he eats whenever he wants which is probably about every 2 hours or so. He loves to cuddle and sleeps pretty much in our bed...since he basically nurses all night.

Clare is now 3! She is in the 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight, she is pretty much wearing 3t, although most all of her clothes fall off her waist. She weighs 33 pounds and is tall although I cannot remember what the doctor said her height was.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Letter to Clare

Dear Clare,

Three years ago today, your Daddy and I were given the best gift we could have ever wanted. You were born in the afternoon and were 7 lbs 11 oz of perfection. You have changed our lives forever. You have been such a joy and have brought countless daily smiles to our faces. You have been truly loved since the moment we found out we were pregnant with you. I always knew I would name you Clare. Clare means clear, bright and pure and your GodMary thought of the middle name Noelani which means "Beautiful girl from Heaven". Your name couldnt describe you more perfectly. I feel so honored to be your mother and try and cherish every moment that God has given us. I look forward to continue to watch you grow, always remember that you are truly loved. You were born on one of the feast days of St. Bernadette, I cannot wait to read to you about her amazing life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We now have a home for at least the next two years until Josh finishes school! We moved very quickly out of our recently molded apartment that was to small anyways and we found a three bedroom tiny house that is ADORABLE. We love it, it isnt in the best area of town but we decided we just would put a shield of prayer over the house and call on our guardian angels for extra protection. The house has all hardwood and tile floors (real hardwood and real tile) which will be wonderful for our messy little children. I also will now be watching a little girl that is a little younger than Clare five days per week to help with rent. She is a sweet little thing, her name is Ava and her and Clare are already little besties.
Clare's birthday is rapidly approaching (2 days away) and I am scrambling to get all of our stuff in one place to move as well as get ready for her party.
Side note: I decided to write this blog while all three of my children are awake and I thought they were watching a show, and just turned around to the game "Sorry" scattered EVERYWHERE- note to self...wait till they are asleep to blog.

Nevan weighs 15 pounds and is a happy little guy, smiles at everything and everyone. He eats great- obviously.

Paul is talking more and more and we have discovered (the hard way) that he is an absolute bear if we deviate from his schedule AT ALL.
Clare- is almost three! She told me this week- "Alright Mom, I am ready to go to the Pope's office.." Me: "umm..we are going to the post office"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yesterday, it was 61 degrees outside! Oklahoma amazes me, one day it is in the negative degrees and the next it is 61! The kids played outside in tshirts and jeans in the SNOW and LOVED it. Paul loved eating the snow...or eating what he thought was snow...please see picture above. I let him...I dont really care if he eats a little dirt. Clare enjoyed running around with me and kicking the ball. She is also a bit obsessed with Hide and Seek. We had fun.

Today at Church, Josh and I made yet another attempt to get the kids in the nursery, but 10 minutes into Mass we got the phone call :( So Josh spent another mass stuck in the back with two hyper hyper children. I got to enjoy Mass while holding precious cooing Nevan.

On to funnier things...

When Josh went to get a hysterical Paul from the Nursery the nursery attendant pointed out that we had written his age down wrong...we had put one instead of 2...pysch! Josh: "No Ma'am he doesnt turn two till the end of April"...pause. Nursery attendant: "WHAT?!!!, but he talks in full sentances!? He said, Lift me up over this gate, get me out of here, DONT TOUCH ME DONT TOUCH ME, I am gonna throw up, get away, I dont want to hold you"- Josh and I are sort of proud...but not exactly with what he said :/

Clare on the way home spotted Chili's Restaurant and started excitedely telling us to turn of the music...we turned off the music...Clare: "Mommy!! Mommy! look, we can eat at Veggie Tales, I have never eaten there before" *car passes Chili's and the gigantic fit begins*

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have a little bit of time

Clare, Paul and Nevan are all sleeping, house is a mess and I have lots of packing to do so naturally I am on my blog...

Funny things of the week-Paul addition:
Paul was sick for about 3 weeks, throwing up, coughing, fever...and the list goes on. Now everytime he coughs he puts on his best sad face and says "mommy, I just throw up"

I heard Paul from his bed the other morning say, "Mommy?! Moooommmy? I want to get up, I am in my bed, get me out, I want to hold you"

Paul talks about two octaves higher than everyone I know, so he sounds really girly all the time but we LOVE it...we always find ourselves talking in really low voices trying to encourage him to bring it down but it doesnt seem to work.

Paul also hits his head a million times per day- I really dont know what it doesnt worry me, but it probably should.

Funny convo between Clare and Paul:
Paul- I want to see Jesus, I want to see Jesus
Clare-NNNOOO Paul! We CANT see Jesus, we are going to eat Quesadillas!

Friday, February 11, 2011

11:41 PM

Well, it is 11:41 PM and I am crazy for blogging right now but its the only time I have! Clare and Paul go to bed at 8 and Nevan went down about 10:45 and Josh right with him so I thought...I'll blog...instead of going to sleep...stupid.
Anyways, today Josh and I apartment/househunted with the kids. Then we went to the mall...which is Clare and I's ABSOLUTE favorite thing ever..Daddy and Paul...not so much. I think poor Josh got frustrated because between me and Clare just dawdling and wandering in and out of EVERY store...he seemed to be at his wits end. Clare and I had a GREAT time. Paul seemed pretty cool too. Nevan just chilled in the Moby and nursed most of the time. Pretty funny to watch people look at me trying to figure out why I am wearing a big brown draped cloth with a blanket over it. Josh and I took Paul to get some new shoes. I NEVER buy my kids shoes, thank the Lord, we have been blessed with handmedowns, but we had some money saved for shoes and various other things so today...SHOES for JP. We trekked to Stride Rite and took off Paul's shoes for his feet to be fitted and measured. (note paul has been complaining constantly of pain in his foot.."ouchy ouchy" *shakes foot, for at least a week). I hang my head in absolute embarrassment and shame when the shoe lady announces he is wearing shoes that are THREE sizes to SMALL!!! FAILURE as a Mom on my part! Anyways we got him some pretty cute shoes...then I decided that if I failed with Paul I must have failed with Clare so we had her measured and FANTASTIC...Clare was wearing shoes TWO sizes to small- SERIOUSLY...I am so out of touch with some things! My two worst apparently are brushing teeth (working hard on that one) and SHOES! Anyways, here is a pic of me happily out of it wandering through the store completely in my own world and little Nevan.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well, finally all three children are better and happy. Clare and Paul are doing really well, especially sticking to their schedule. Nevan is a blessing and laughed for the first time last night which made me cry :)
Paul is the biggest talker ever! He NEVER stops, he is so cute though, he says all kinds of full sentances...where is my book, I dont like that, I want to hold you Mommy, Mommy come find me! Mommy, I want wogurt! (yogurt).
Thats the end of my short post because Nevan doesnt go more than 2 seconds during the day without being bounced or sucking a paci... :) (I guess it is obvious why I dont hardly blog anymore...)