Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have a little bit of time

Clare, Paul and Nevan are all sleeping, house is a mess and I have lots of packing to do so naturally I am on my blog...

Funny things of the week-Paul addition:
Paul was sick for about 3 weeks, throwing up, coughing, fever...and the list goes on. Now everytime he coughs he puts on his best sad face and says "mommy, I just throw up"

I heard Paul from his bed the other morning say, "Mommy?! Moooommmy? I want to get up, I am in my bed, get me out, I want to hold you"

Paul talks about two octaves higher than everyone I know, so he sounds really girly all the time but we LOVE it...we always find ourselves talking in really low voices trying to encourage him to bring it down but it doesnt seem to work.

Paul also hits his head a million times per day- I really dont know what it doesnt worry me, but it probably should.

Funny convo between Clare and Paul:
Paul- I want to see Jesus, I want to see Jesus
Clare-NNNOOO Paul! We CANT see Jesus, we are going to eat Quesadillas!

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