Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yesterday, it was 61 degrees outside! Oklahoma amazes me, one day it is in the negative degrees and the next it is 61! The kids played outside in tshirts and jeans in the SNOW and LOVED it. Paul loved eating the snow...or eating what he thought was snow...please see picture above. I let him...I dont really care if he eats a little dirt. Clare enjoyed running around with me and kicking the ball. She is also a bit obsessed with Hide and Seek. We had fun.

Today at Church, Josh and I made yet another attempt to get the kids in the nursery, but 10 minutes into Mass we got the phone call :( So Josh spent another mass stuck in the back with two hyper hyper children. I got to enjoy Mass while holding precious cooing Nevan.

On to funnier things...

When Josh went to get a hysterical Paul from the Nursery the nursery attendant pointed out that we had written his age down wrong...we had put one instead of 2...pysch! Josh: "No Ma'am he doesnt turn two till the end of April"...pause. Nursery attendant: "WHAT?!!!, but he talks in full sentances!? He said, Lift me up over this gate, get me out of here, DONT TOUCH ME DONT TOUCH ME, I am gonna throw up, get away, I dont want to hold you"- Josh and I are sort of proud...but not exactly with what he said :/

Clare on the way home spotted Chili's Restaurant and started excitedely telling us to turn of the music...we turned off the music...Clare: "Mommy!! Mommy! look, we can eat at Veggie Tales, I have never eaten there before" *car passes Chili's and the gigantic fit begins*

Happy Sunday!

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