Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We now have a home for at least the next two years until Josh finishes school! We moved very quickly out of our recently molded apartment that was to small anyways and we found a three bedroom tiny house that is ADORABLE. We love it, it isnt in the best area of town but we decided we just would put a shield of prayer over the house and call on our guardian angels for extra protection. The house has all hardwood and tile floors (real hardwood and real tile) which will be wonderful for our messy little children. I also will now be watching a little girl that is a little younger than Clare five days per week to help with rent. She is a sweet little thing, her name is Ava and her and Clare are already little besties.
Clare's birthday is rapidly approaching (2 days away) and I am scrambling to get all of our stuff in one place to move as well as get ready for her party.
Side note: I decided to write this blog while all three of my children are awake and I thought they were watching a show, and just turned around to the game "Sorry" scattered EVERYWHERE- note to self...wait till they are asleep to blog.

Nevan weighs 15 pounds and is a happy little guy, smiles at everything and everyone. He eats great- obviously.

Paul is talking more and more and we have discovered (the hard way) that he is an absolute bear if we deviate from his schedule AT ALL.
Clare- is almost three! She told me this week- "Alright Mom, I am ready to go to the Pope's office.." Me: "umm..we are going to the post office"

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