Friday, February 11, 2011

11:41 PM

Well, it is 11:41 PM and I am crazy for blogging right now but its the only time I have! Clare and Paul go to bed at 8 and Nevan went down about 10:45 and Josh right with him so I thought...I'll blog...instead of going to sleep...stupid.
Anyways, today Josh and I apartment/househunted with the kids. Then we went to the mall...which is Clare and I's ABSOLUTE favorite thing ever..Daddy and Paul...not so much. I think poor Josh got frustrated because between me and Clare just dawdling and wandering in and out of EVERY store...he seemed to be at his wits end. Clare and I had a GREAT time. Paul seemed pretty cool too. Nevan just chilled in the Moby and nursed most of the time. Pretty funny to watch people look at me trying to figure out why I am wearing a big brown draped cloth with a blanket over it. Josh and I took Paul to get some new shoes. I NEVER buy my kids shoes, thank the Lord, we have been blessed with handmedowns, but we had some money saved for shoes and various other things so today...SHOES for JP. We trekked to Stride Rite and took off Paul's shoes for his feet to be fitted and measured. (note paul has been complaining constantly of pain in his foot.."ouchy ouchy" *shakes foot, for at least a week). I hang my head in absolute embarrassment and shame when the shoe lady announces he is wearing shoes that are THREE sizes to SMALL!!! FAILURE as a Mom on my part! Anyways we got him some pretty cute shoes...then I decided that if I failed with Paul I must have failed with Clare so we had her measured and FANTASTIC...Clare was wearing shoes TWO sizes to small- SERIOUSLY...I am so out of touch with some things! My two worst apparently are brushing teeth (working hard on that one) and SHOES! Anyways, here is a pic of me happily out of it wandering through the store completely in my own world and little Nevan.

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