Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vomiting, Fevers, and Ear Infections...Oh My!

Long week for us, started with Paul throwing up (no other symptoms) for six days and peaked when he caught a sinus infection, Clare topped the week with her upper resp. infection and Nevan rounded it out with THRUSH. (ouch is all I can say to that).

Some funny things that the kids said this week.

Clare: "Grammy, please pat my back"

*Grammy begins patting*

Clare: "Harder"

*Grammy pats harder*

Clare: "Harder"

*Grammy is practically pounding her back*

Clare: "There, now I should burp"

Clare *Coughing fit*

Dr. Thompson: "That sounded like it hurt?"

Clare: "Yes, I am so sorry, that was very rude of me"

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  1. Love the pics! So glad you survived last week... and please tell me that you have a quote book for Clare. If you don't, I will start one. Love you!