Saturday, March 26, 2011

Funny Updates

Clare funnies:

At bathtime the other night, I got Clare all stripped down and told her to go to the bathroom for bath time... Clare: Just one sec, I just have to do something really quick - *Clare runs to the back door, dramatically swings it open* GOD BLESS AMERICA!

I listed off all the things we had to do one day: Breakfast, gym, naps, zoo, dinner, bedtime...Clare's response- "well, at some point I need to stop by the hosbibble and have my baby"

Whenever I tell Paul to do something, Clare chimes in and says "Paul, say YES MAAM to your mother"!

As Josh layed Clare down, and turned to walk out of the room she said "Daddy, please dont leave me, your breakin my heart, bless my little heart".

While Paul and Clare were wrestling which turned into a fight, Paul started singing "I Belong to Jesus" in between punches.

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