Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kid's say the darndest things!

Clare has really started talking these past few months and she makes me laugh all day long.

Here are some things I never want to forget she did or said!

1. After Clare goes potty in the big girl potty she almost always turns around a dips her hand in then makes the sign of the cross...of course something I do not encourage (at least not with the potty) however, I can't help but laugh, so she thinks its ok...

2. When Clare counts it goes like this "one, teww, tree, foh, five, teight, sesen, teight, sesen, six, ten! OR one time she said "one, two, three, four, five umm umm uhhh...Amen!"

3. Clare has gotten in the habit of adding "unsies" on the end of everything i.e. alldunsies or jumpsies, or lovesies.

4. When we were singing barney's theme song "I love you, you love me" we came to the part that goes "with a great big hug..." and Clare sang "with a great big NOTHING!" haha...kinda rude but made me laugh.

5. Clare likes to fake cry as well so often times I will find her playing with her baby holding it and rocking and fake crying.

6. Clare's latest cutsy thing to do is, she will pull something from behind either her ear or someone elses and say "*gasp* Surprise!" She is definitely her father's child.

I can't wait for her and Paul to interact!

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