Saturday, February 6, 2010

One whole year

Well, today marks the a full year of Josh being with Comunita Cenacolo. This past year has been a crazy, eventful and blessed one. Clare turned one this time last year. In April I welcomed Joshua Paul who has been such a beautiful, healthy little boy. Also in April Josh's father, Doug traveled to visit Josh in the Community, which was a good experience for both of them. I spent most of the year living with my parents and taking care of Clare and Paul just adjusting to our new situation. In June we welcomed my sister Kristen's little baby boy, Benjamin Travis Otto, who has been such a little blessing (actually he is pretty big). I spent most of September and October taking a course to be certified as a Nursing Assistant which was a busy but good experience. Clare, Paul and I met Josh's Mother Jan in Dallas during the month of November and travelled to see Josh for one weekend. It was amazing to see Josh and his progress over this past year. Clare was overjoyed to hold her Daddy and Josh was eager to meet his son Paul. After seeing Josh, we then travelled to Oklahoma and spent about two weeks with Josh's family. We were happy to meet Abby who was born this past year as well and Titus. Abby is Josh's twin brother Jon's daughter and Titus is Josh's older brother Stephen's son, who is just about three weeks older then Paul. We spent Thanksgiving in Oklahoma with all the Oklahoma relatives and Clare and Paul received lots of attention which gave me a much needed break! :) Josh and I are unsure of his plans for exiting community, we don't want it to be premature, but we think it will be late this year, but could be longer. I made the decision to move back to Oklahoma to work and potentially go back to school. We recently just got settled in with Josh's parents and youngest sister Anna. I have been looking into various programs, and think I will pursue personal training, in the meantime I am just looking for positions as a Nurses Assistant. Clare and Paul are doing really great, Clare is potty training and Paul is on the verge of walking. We are looking forward to visiting Josh again in April. Thanks for all the love, prayers, advice, and support. I especially appreciate all my family has done for me in this past year and will never forget it.

God bless!

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