Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day at the Museum

Paul walking through the tall grass outside the museum
Cousin Max and Paul trekkin around (did I spell that right?)

Aunt Pat and Stephen were with us, we always enjoy our time with them.

Clare's eyes closed, hopefully Jackie got snapped one with her eyes open.

Clare and I will both be having nightmares about this giant spider.

Josh's cousin Adam (Aunt Pat's son), his wife Jackie and Max. Jackie and I are due around the same time in December.

Making leaf stencils...

Clare digging up fossils and bones!

Max escorting Clare to the canoes.

The Canoe

We were invited to the Sam Noble Museum in Norman by Adam and Jackie, their blog can be found here. We enjoyed all the prehistoric dinos and various wild life displays. The kids also got to dig and pretend they were archiologists which was very fun. After the museum we went to Aunt Pat's for lunch and got to spend some time with Josh's grandparents.
We were so happy to spend time with Adam, Jackie and Max since they recently moved to Kansas and we have missed seeing them.

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