Friday, November 12, 2010

un-eventful week, as un-eventful as it CAN be with two tots...

Josh has been busy at work all week, he hardly has any days off which is tough for us because that means the kids and I are stuck at home all day every day but I try and make it interesting without making to much work for myself...(sounds kind of selfish to put it that way). The kids love to take walks, so I walk them around our complex quite often and they play and run and pick up random things...but sometimes it is nerve racking because they still don't completely obey all the time when I am instructing them to stop or not be in the parking lot, but I still am able to chase them before they hit they get to close to danger. (very uncomfortable to sprint at this stage in the pregnancy).

Josh and I have been working hard on the kids routines for a LONG time now, they have had a lot of moves in their lives and unfortunately have never had a STRICT schedule. Anyways, Clare has been in a big girl bed for about 8 months now and it just has not worked! We have spent 90% of our nights since the big switch chasing her back to bed. We have read every blog, tutorial, listened to audio on the subject of getting your child to stay in bed and it has not worked at all. We basically are tired and feel that our patience is completely GONE for this situation. We gave up and put her back in a crib, and moved the crib right next to Paul's. Clare can be very anxious at bed time or anytime for that matter (sadly, this comes from me- have always been a worrier and an anxious person). So moving the crib next to Paul's was a comfort thing, we are hoping that she will not feel so lonely. We were just sleeping with her at night, but we have a small bed and Josh and I aren't exactly the smallest people in the world, then throw the pregnancy into it...Clare had to go. :( Anyways, yall get the point. Paul and Clare seem to like being next to each other and actually have been climbing into each others cribs..but they still havent figured out that since they can climb from each others they could climb out...they just stick to going back and forth between theirs.
TIME CHANGE!!! I absolutely hate FALL BACK! I wouldn't hate it so much if it didnt mess up my kids so much but it DOES. Most parents just don't mess with it and put their kids down at 7:30 instead of 8...which is what I was going to do, but NOPE - my kids have a great internal clock because they are having none of this time change. Both Paul and Clare's night routine is off and that affects their naps during the day. Wish I was still in Hawaii where there is no time change.

Paul has taken to eating baby food, after a 10 month vacation from it...I appreciate this because I feel he is getting a more balanced diet and he can feed himself.

Cute story- I was folding laundry in my room, while Clare and Paul were playing in their room and I heard Clare say "Oh my!" and then I heard Paul reply "Oh my doodness!" (not sure what they were doing) I thought it was really cute to hear them interact with each other.

Paul has been saying "I said" before everything, so he will say "Pumpkin" and then repeat it by saying "I said pumpkin!". He is so cute.

Clare came up to me yesterday and I told her we were going to go to Grammy and Grampa's house for Grampa's birthday and she replied, "Oh! Do you think Grampa will come to my birthday? It is not till February" - I had no idea she knew her bday was in February.

The pic above just reiterates how good Josh is with the kids, who thinks to build a tower out of books?! Josh :)

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