Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goofiest/Best Dad in the World

Josh is so great with the kids, he is always playing around with them and being goofy. He is really inventive in his entertainment as well- which the picture I think shows pretty well. I am so grateful that during this very tiring trimester-Josh is available to get up about three mornings with the kids so I can sleep longer! So wonderful. He loves to get up in the morning with them, at least I think he does, dont think he would do it so often if he didnt like it. I really have had a hard time with sleep this pregnancy so he has really been helpful.

Clare has been saying some cute/sassy phrases lately-

"In just one little minute"

"I just woke up in the morning!" (sleepily when she comes into our room every morning or after naps)

She also has a terrible habit of drinking out of the carton, she did not pick this up from me but of course from her Daddy...anyways what makes it funny is days like today. I caught her picking out the egg nog carton (SO YUMMY) from the fridge and said, what are you doing? Getting the egg nog? Clare replies "umm let me check", takes a big drink "umm yes, its so yummy". HA!

Clare is my little cook by the way, she loves to HELP me constantly in the kitchen.

Paul has been talking constantly- he likes to repeat everything and its pretty cute to hear Clare tell him to say something and him repeat it. Latest and greatest phrase (song) "uh UH buh oh so HIGHH" (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) SO CUTE!

I had my 34 week appointment today. Baby's heartbeat was in the upper 150s and he is head down, face down with his little bum up under my left rib and his feet and knees LITERALLY under my right ribs. He has not dropped at all, which is nice- because Paul had dropped at this point, and I would much rather feet in ribs then pressure...this is probably due to the fact that I have stopped working out as hard as I was with Paul (schedule is too crazy and it is too exhausting trying to get the kids into the gym and work out..la dee dah) I will pay for the premature stop I am sure after I have baby. :/

Josh and I are currently looking to move into a rental house! We are so glad to finally be in a position to do this. Pray that we find a good deal, good area and nice house.

By the way, this photo of Josh actually made Clare very nervous and anxious so I had to make him stop, because her imagination will run wild (just like me).

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