Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Momma!

I would tell you her age, but I dont know it off the top of my head and I am to lazy to count back to her birth year for this post (plus its rude to broadcast ages on blog posts unless you are a baby :)
Some things about my mother you may not know or that I just love and appreciate.
-She has a soft tone to her voice that makes her an easy person to talk to.
-When she really laughs hard, it makes me laugh even harder
-She has always dressed in really up to date styles- like no frumpy momma stuff or anything like that, she always takes time to get ready in the morning (something I did NOT inherit).
-She always gives great advice from a very peaceful perspective.
-She has a way with babies and soothing them with various holding positions.
-She is extremely patient (another thing I did not inherit...but I guess that is something I will continue to build and work on...hopefully)
-When she prays, it is sincere.
-She often takes on little sayings from her friends after spending time with them...i.e. Her english friend Denise always says things like "Lovey, and Dearest" and I always know when my Mom has been talking with her because she will call me those things :)
-My mom makes THE BEST bean burritos (simple but true), lasagna, homemade mac and cheese, and even though I am not a fan of the following, my bros and sisters always rave about them- seafood casserole.
-My mom is fun to shop with.
-My mom is fun to see movies with.
-My mom is very caring towards others and will spend lots of time making someone comfortable.
-My mom loves all her children and grandchildren.

I am sure I will think of more as the day progresses but...Happy Birthday Mom, and I love you so much. Miss you.


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  1. I see all of those wonderful traits in your mom too. I always felt calmer and more peaceful in her presence as a kid.