Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Special Times...

So, I always feel like something is happening in our life...and we can't just be in a routine or have the same day over and over...which would be boring I guess.

Josh is now switching stores for the fourth time, this is great news, since he has had to share a store for about two months with another manager. Josh was originally placed at his last store as an interim until his new store was complete and to "fix" everything at the new store and train the manager there. Well...this of course wasn't happening, the other manager just doesnt have the same work ethic as Josh and didn't want to work. Josh ended up picking up the slack, and everything else involved with the store when it wasn't really his store. CONFUSING. Anyways, we have been praying that corporate would see that Josh was in a hard place at this store and move him and TA-DA, we got the call Friday that he would be managing another store until his new one re-opens in March! Josh went to work on Monday and was so excited to walk into a store that had been ran really well and meet a crew that works and are good team members. This is very positive for him, less stress and hopefully more money :) Thank you Lord.

While Josh was at work on Monday, Jan took me and the kids to my doctor's appointment. I was not expecting the doctor to check me as he is a pretty easy going, natural doctor...anyways, I have definitely made progress...Baby is big, so the doctor and I decided next week he will strip my membranes and if this baby is anything like Clare and Paul, that should send me into labor. I have made enough progress for it to work. Doc also gave me various remedies to use at home to help my body prepare for labor as well as potentially induce naturally at home. I have been eating pineapple, kiwi, taking blue and black cohosh, evening primrose oil and walking a lot. EVERYTHING I do causes very strong braxton hicks contractions...very strong and makes for each day to be very uncomfortable. I was glad though that baby's heartbeat was back up in the 160s because last week it was in the 130s which worried me because he wasn't moving a lot...
Clare is so excited for her baby brother to get here, she is constantly talking about him and patting my tummy and telling him "its okay, its okay, I miss you, I love you, your gonna do great" etc...
Paul hugs my tummy quite often and says "aww baby, awww, hug".
I have FINALLY gotten into the "nesting" mode, PTL! Today, Josh and I did a complete overhaul on our apartment. I reorganized our kitchen which between that and the kids, pretty much took me all day! Josh cleaned various things that I just didn't want to clean so I pushed off on him. He also cleaned the car and got everything ready to install the baby carseat!! (YAY) We are thinking we need to teach Clare how to buckle/unbuckle herself because trying to lift and buckle three children into carseats is going to be tiring for me!
Josh and I went and bought our Christmas tree this past weekend at the local boy scouts lot, crazy thing- their whole shipment of trees were from OREGON! So I have a beautiful Oregon tree in my apartment! We put up all the ornaments (mostly blue, brown, pearl bulbs) and then the kids put up some ornaments that Grammy Jan gave us that she had bought over the years for Josh. Paul spent the first two days pulling ornaments off and then throwing giant fits when we would tell him NO, and now he seems to be over pulling them off.
Today, while Josh and Paul were out cleaning the car, Clare hung out with me and I pulled out some puzzles I had forgotten about for her. I was so proud of her, she put all of them together with no help from me. So for Christmas, I think I will buy her some next level puzzles. She is so cute, she is always hugging everyone and telling us "its okay hunny, I love you". She always refers to everyone as "hunny". She briefly spoke with my Mom on the phone the other day and said "oh hunny, before she rambled on about her gingerbread house". I hope she doesn't grow out of saying "hunny".
Paul...Paul, Paul Paul- I have NEVER in my life seen a child who can throw a more dramatic and drawn out fit! He is amazing...he will cry and scream for a very extended period of time...I never thought he would be more dramatic then Clare. We have found that if he starts to throw a fit, ignoring him does NOT work at all, so ultimately I end up just cuddling him for a couple minutes and he calms down and I try and explain why his behavior is inappropriate. Not sure he understands, however at least he isnt throwing a fit for thirty minutes (literally).
I have all these photos to post of this past week but I can't find my connector cord...so I will have to wait to post those. The pics above are of Clare and Paul in the bath - they are so cute in the tub and a pic of them in their carseats ready to go see some Christmas light shows! Some of my fave memories are driving around looking at Christmas lights. Josh found some neighborhoods that actually synchronize their entire street with Christmas songs and put on a fabulous show...so we went a saw a couple of those.

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