Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three doesnt really feel very lucky

Lucky number three keeps coming to mind when i think of my kids, however I do have to admit, three does not feel lucky but completely overwhelming! Don't get me wrong, we are soooo grateful and just enjoy our children sooo much but wow, three is insane! I looked into preschools in the area and we just can't afford a preschool for Clare and the public school system here is NOT an option. There are some Mothers Day out programs but they are all at Baptist churches and I just dont know what that entails as far as being Catholic and I am nervous to even find out. Then there is always the dilemma of not vaccinating and kids going to school. I know I can throw exemption forms at various schools of choice but I just dont even want to jump through those hoops, and I dont want to make other parents uncomfortable. So it seems I will just have to deal with the overwhelming feelings I am having about three children. Clare is pretty good, she is just incredibly sneaky, and she knows it! She is always getting into things and sneaking around which is tough considering I am spending so much time nursing Nevan! Nevan is sleeping well for a newborn (my expectations of a sleep schedule at this age is pretty low though). He is so adorable and getting so big, he is out of NB diapers (he was out of those the day he was born practically but we had to use them till the cord stump fell off). He is wearing 0-3 or 3-6 month clothes - pretty much he is too tall for the NB outfits but he is skinny so the larger sizes he is tall enough for but still is swimming in them. Nevan loves the carseat and so errands are still about the same as they were before since he just sits in his carseat. Josh has had a little time off but when he does go into work I have mini panic attacks (not really) because I have to spend two or three hours alone with the kids. I am dreading tomorrow, because he has a full day at work... :(

Christmas was wonderful! The kids got lots of toys and clothes that they love. Clare got a couple more baby dolls so I wanted to just list of the names she has chosen for her babies. We have
Honey baby
China baby
Tiny baby
Naked baby (bath time baby)
Scary baby - story, Scary baby was originally baby Julia, but Clare kept forgetting and calling her baby Jew (i.e. where is my baby jew?) totally not appropriate so I told Clare to change the name and she has been calling her scary baby, reason...because she blinks and sucks on her bottle which is "scary, awkward, and freaks" Clare out. (really, those were Clare's words)

Paul is transitioning well right now with Nevan being here but has definitely had a hard time. I have really enjoyed being able to carry Paul around a bit now that I have hips and not a huge belly. (when I have time)

We have been spending time with cousins Abby and Titus. Abby is so adorable, she is very smart and listening to her say various words is sooo adorable. She doesnt really have baby talk - she says everything very precisely and with intensity...it is cute. Titus is quite the bruiser, he is big and has a strong personality, he has kept me laughing all week. He is a big Clare fan and loves to follow her around and hold her hand. (the age difference is about 13 months).

Josh and I are sleep deprived but sooo happy and blessed with our beautiful family. Three is tough but totally worth it!


  1. Jessica belongs to a MOPS group (mothers of preschoolers) and I believe they meet at a Baptist church, and she loves it. Those moms can offer you support, knowledge, playdates, a chance to have adult interaction . . . all good things. I'm SO thankful I joined moms groups when my girls were younger. Met some of my best friends through them. Mine wasn't religiously offiliated, but we had a great time. I'd encourage you to check it out . . .and check out a couple of groups if it makes you feel better. :) I actually found one of my groups through Craigslist. :)

  2. PS,
    What do you not like about the public schools?

  3. Thanks Jolene, I had forgotten about the MOPS programs, there is one across the street from me.

    The public school system has a horrible reputation around here...I can't specifically point out what is wrong, aside from violence, horrible reviews, huge classes, no budgets. Josh won't even let us visit any. We also don't live in the best area of Oklahoma City. I just didn't realize tuition was so much for preschool at any of the Catholic churches...we would have added that to our budget if I had researched sooner.

    homeschooling it is I guess. :)