Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, today we got all our photos back from the studio...we are so grateful our children cooperated through the whole sesh!

I am so glad Josiah is home, she has just completed her first year of Chiropractic school and has been practicing some of her techniques on Josh and I. She has adjusted our feet which felt amazing when I was in the final stages of pregnancy. She adjusted my hands at Thanksgiving and those of you that know me, know that I have always dealt with wrist pain, especially after playing volleyball, I usually can't wear any bracelets, watches, rubber bands or anything on my wrists because they have always been so sensitive. Typically I would wake up with inflamed wrists and swollen hands once a week from sleeping weird or putting to much pressure on my hands. This is something I have dealt with since highschool...after one adjustment-I have had NO pain! I have gone a full month with ZERO pain in my wrists! Amazing!
Since having Nevan..I have had a terrible, raging and constant headache, I could tell it was from the pain in my neck...I think I must have twisted my head weird while I was pushing Nev out and since then my neck has been extremely tight and constantly sending waves of pain up to my head and down my back. Josiah has been trying to massage my neck all week, but I have been so tense due to the pain that she has just been slowly trying to stretch it out. Tonight she did a gentle adjustment and headache was gone and my neck was no longer tense! I am completely amazed at Chiropractic care! Josiah is just in her first year and she already has learned so much, I am so proud and grateful for her! There really is no arguing the benefits of Chiropractic...I know now from personal experience how great and beneficial it is!

Tomorrow is New Years Eve, we get to stay over at the Grandparents and watch home videos of all the Hinkle's...they are all pretty entertaining, I can't wait to watch vids of Josh when he was growing up!