Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This past weekend, Josh and I travelled to the lake for a Thanksgiving fish fry with Josh's family. It was very cold and rainy but we made the trip there with Josiah and Doug and then Josh met us there after work and we rode home around 8 PM that night together. Josh and I were really thankful to spend the time together in the car. We were able to just talk and reflect on this past year and what will soon be coming up with the baby and Josh's work (Clare and Paul were sleeping, which made for a very peaceful trip). We ate fresh fish that Grampa Potts had caught and I made some cranberry salsa which went well with the fish. We enjoyed potatoes (I made :) and various snacks all day. To make the meal a bit more traditional we ate some pumpkin pie after lunch.
The kids got to bathe in Grandma and Grampa's GIGANTIC tub, which when Clare first saw she said, "Mommy! Look, I KNEW there was a lake here! I can swim in it!"
We spent the day relaxing and playing with the kids, enjoying the family and watching some football.
Josh and I are so thankful for this year and the time we have had together. We are so proud of Clare and Paul and really can't wait to meet the baby.
We are also very thankful for Josh's family and my family and all they do and have done for us this year.
Thanksgiving will always be special, not just because it is thanksgiving but also because we got engaged the day before Thanksgiving in 2006. I vividly remember Josh playing a game of pool with my Dad and then afterword, my Dad making some not so subtle comments about me getting engaged soon (I knew though, so it wasnt a huge surprise :)
We have been apartment and rental house hunting for a while now, and nothing seems to be right for us right now. Our apartment is very small and is only two bedrooms, but we think we might just sign another 6 month lease and save a bit more money and hope that something jumps out at us in 6 months.
Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving!

We are going to be posting pics of Christmas tree decorating this weekend, Clare is so excited she can hardly contain herself when we mention anything to do with Christmas.

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