Friday, April 8, 2011

The boys

I want to just blog about my boys. . .

I went to stay with some friends for a week with the kids so Josh could really focus on working and his store... we had a blast, Josh came to get us yesterday and took me out for dinner. We got home around 8 pm, I put the kids to bed and Josh worked on his store schedule for the entire night and then went to work at 5:00 am. I am so blessed he is such a hard worker, loving husband and great father.

Joshua Paul-
Paul as you can see has some green crocodile shoes that he literally is OBSESSED with. His typical outfit is Crocodile shoes, tuxedo pants (from Christmas) and his firetruck shirt, he actually went 6 days wearing the same thing. Paul loves his crocodile shoes so much by the way that he even wears them to bed and in the bath!
He is the CUTEST talker, he talks in full sentences and has full conversations with EVERYONE, especially his beloved "bo bo". He is so funny, and loving- he gives me hundreds (no exaggeration) of kisses a day, he loves Nevan or "my nevs" as he calls him. I just can't get enough of him.

Nevan Jonathan-
One word to describe Nev: HAPPY
Nevan is the happiest baby I have EVER been around, if you so much as look in his direction (and he is aware enough to know) he SMILES and even laughs at times. He smiles as I nurse him and as I change him and even when I lay him in his cradle.

There- I just needed to write all my happy thankful blessings down about boys today :)
Clare is a blessing too...but I will write about her again another day :) <3

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