Saturday, April 16, 2011


Paul is the funniest kid, he can talk completely in full sentences now which is why when he SCREAMS just to scream instead of asking for what he wants I crack up...

Today I gave Clare a glass of water and Paul immediately SCREAMED "AHHHHHH" immediate reaction was to laugh much to Paul's dismay...he screamed again "AHHHHHH", I asked Paul if he wanted water "Yes, I want a glass of water yes" - me: "dont you think we can skip the screaming and drama Paul?" Paul: "AHHHHH" (which means GET ME WATER NOW).

Paul also just asked me for a plate, so I grabbed him one of his spiderman plates, then he asked for a spoon, so I got him a spoon, then he asked for a yogurt ... okay, I start walking to the fridge...Paul says "Yogurts are in the fridge Mummy"... *thanks Paul*.

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