Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Paul!

Well, Mr. Man turned 2 on Friday. If you ask him how old he is, he says "Free" (Three) and holds up one finger...hmm.

Paul has been such a joy, he is so articulate and funny. He LOVES to play with Clare (she loves playing with him as well). He is obsessed with rescue vehicles especially FIRETRUCKS! We took Paul to see a firetruck on Friday, Josh is friends with the Fire Marshall through his store and he has told us many times to bring Paul by so we took all the firemen some Braum's Icecream and got to see a firetruck. Paul sat in the front seat, "drove", hit the lights, and made LOTS of siren sounds. Paul also received a Fireman hat and some stickers.

We had a family and friends party for Paul today for Cake and Icecream. While getting everything set up, Paul literally helped me decorate. He recognized that most everything (table cloth, plates, cups, napkins etc...) was red or blue and he brought out various red or blue items, including a lady bug stuffed animal, his coveted truck book, spiderman book, train set he received from Gma and Gpa Cihak, cars...all colored blue or red.

We had our family here and some dear friends that drove out from Cashion with their five children, Peter is their youngest and he is about 2 weeks older than Paul. Marigold is a little less than a year older than Clare and then they have Oliver who is 6, Ben who is 8, and the oldest sweetie who 'trained' our puppy all afternoon, Lily who is 10.

Paul also received a firetruck that makes all the noises and siren sounds of a firetruck in action...sidenote- this is not an appropriate toy for car rides...unless you enjoy being the only person pulling over frantically looking around, waiting for a firetruck to zoom by! haha! Thank you to his God Parents Paul and Susan! We miss yall so much!

enjoy the pics :)

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