Monday, April 11, 2011

Things and Stuff

Clare received her first hair cut from Mommy yesterday, so her little curls are now above her shoulders and much much easier to brush. Clare also doesnt really like me to put her hair in pony tails or do anything with it, she seems to prefer it messy and in her face so I figured a short haircut was in order. Lucky she has curly hair so you can't tell how uneven and horrible I am as a hair cutter.
Paul is slowly potty training which really means he is just running around the house naked (Thank you Lord for hardwood floors). He also still is a shrimp! He only weighs 24 lbs so he (as pictured) loves to hang out in the swing.
Nevan! This guy can now sit unassisted in his play center! He also is rolling over with a purpose and TEETHING! Kill me now! This is what normal parents go through with their teething kids?! Fevers, crying, fussiness, the runs, sleepless nights! WHAT?! Clare and Paul NEVER went through this...their teeth just magically appeared! I ordered a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Poland which are supposed to be the cure all for teething ailments so my complete sanity is vested in this one little necklace and it better work!
I hear we are in for some tornado warnings soon, so I am mentally preparing myself with what to do...I have never been very far from family or tornado shelters so I am not sure what I will do in the event of a tornado (better figure it out fast!).
Off to do laundry and LOTS of cleaning!
God Bless!

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