Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Tonight I am just sitting in bed, catching up on some articles that my fellow bloggers have put up. I am always reading blogs that contain the following topics, Catholicism, Vaccinations, Abortion, Peaceful and Natural Parenting, and Conservative Politics.

I am sitting in bed, Nev is layin next to me, Clare and Paul are both in bed sleeping, Josh is playing Call of Duty and I am all caught up (sort of) on housework. I am thinking about how grateful I am to have so many good friends who have provided me with so many avenues to form who I am as a mother today. I am shocked at how much I have changed since I first was pregnant and then gave birth to Clare. My ideas of parenting have pretty much done a 180 (thats when they turn completely around...right?) I am also so grateful that my husband is so smart and supports me in everything we have chosen for our family. He truly is a wonderful leader, husband and father. It gives me so much comfort to know he has researched almost as much as I have on Vaccinations, more than I have on Catholicism, Abortion and DEFINITELY WAYYY more on Conservative Politics or Politics in general. He is a wonderful support.

I dont like to post to much about topics that interest me, I tend to stick to my kids and just posting about our day to day lives but I think I will start incorporating some articles and various tid bits of information I am researching as I research. I can only imagine I will lose blog readers, but since I have a pretty minimal following- I think i'll live. Part of my reasoning behind blogging about topics that are important to me, is to have a place where I can compile all my research and put all my random articles I have in my inbox and my husband's inbox in an organized blog.

Anyways- I hope yall stick with me and dont EVER feel forced to read anything I post and please drop me a comment or question- I ALWAYS will respect everyone's opinion and rights as a parent.

God bless!

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