Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lame days at home

Well, since we are a one car family, I spend A LOT of time at home with the kids, sometimes I really struggle with this because I LOVE to be busy and run errands. Clare seems to take after me in that sense, she likes to run errands and behaves much better when we are out and about. Lately, with Josh's store opening we have been spending EVERY day at home ALL day. You would think that being stuck at home I would be able to keep up on laundry and cleaning but I feel more behind than ever! I had to enlist Josh today for some household help :( . Josh is so helpful anyways that he was happy to help me, but I still feel guilty for it. But he also got a better idea of why I was getting behind...

Dear little Nevan, bless his happy little heart- he is hurting so bad with his teeth coming in, he constantly wants to be held and loved on. This stage has caused some jealousy among the siblings, Paul especially. Clare tends to stay up with me at night though and goes to bed when I go to bed, she loves to just snuggle and I love it to because often times Josh isnt home till late anyways. Backt o Nevan, poor baby, he just smiles but cries while smiling- I promise you have never seen anything so pitiful. However he does enjoy his exersaucer and bumbo for about five minutes a day...yes only five minutes.

Paul continues to amaze me with his talking and singing.
He saw some change on the counter and asked for it, I gave him 2 pennies. Paul looked at me and looked back in his hand and said "I want more! I dont want 2 pennies, I want THREE".
-Maybe I am overreacting...but my boy knows that three is more than 2 and he wanted three AND he conveyed the message CLEARLY in a full sentence! Paul might be turning 2 next week, but I say he is 2 going on wallstreet :)

TJMAXX is officially an outdoor dog, he stays in the backyard ALL day and comes in at night to his kennel...this truly is the best sort of dog!

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